Lorraine Heaysman

Dorset born Lorraine has an unquenchable thirst for being out in the landscape.

Now living in Worthing West Sussex, is blessed with some glorious beaches and the beautiful South Downs to explore and photograph. Lorraine’s first love is to be out at dawn chasing the mist, these are her favourite conditions to work in and her body of work reflects her passion.

She says her love to be out early is deep rooted from time spent out walking with her grandfather from as young as 2 years old. Lorraine first picked up a camera when she was 15 but had a career in hospitality until moving to Worthing in 1994. Lorraine is an active member of the arts community in Worthing. 

Lorraine enjoys sharing her skills and has given talks at the local college and in the autumn of 2015 started a series of workshops for beginners. Lorraine has work hanging in Worthing hospital and has won awards for her work, the most recent from the South Downs National Park Authority for her image Autumn Gold.

Lorraine has undertaken commissions for the Woodland Trust, private clients and Worthing based ETI Ltd - a collection of work for their 2017 calendar.


Mireille Clark

Since graduating from Sir John Cass with a BA hons in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts, Mireille has worked mainly in sterling silver, making unique hand crafted pieces of jewellery and small scale silverware.  More recently she has also experimented with ceramics, loving the translucent quality of porcelain.

Initially taking inspiration from travelling, and more recently closer to her home by the sea, the connecting element has been erosion, whether looking at Mayan ruins or at shells and aluminium tube eroded by the sea.  Mireille likes recreating these uneven subtle patterns and playing with multi faceted surfaces in both her silver and ceramics.

As well as sharing Seasons on Worthing seafront, Mireille teaches jewellery making evening classes at Northbrook Met College.

Julia Brown

Julia Brown is a textile artist specialising in landscape and natural forms. Trained in fine art and haute couture dressmaking and with a science degree in geography to add to the mix, influences are disparate, but they find point of contact in her free machining embroidery, marrying painting and stitching to interpret the natural landscapes found locally.

With a deep love of the Sussex Coast and Downs she has  recently been inspired by the paintings of Eric Ravilious with their quiet beauty and is exploring using his muted palettes and striped brush strokes, rendered in lines of stitching, within her own work.

Pieces are worked over natural materials:- silks, calicos and found scraps, layered to produce a textured background, then painted and stitched with rayon and silk threads.

A landscape is not just about what is seen. It is also about the emotions it invokes in the eyes and heart of the viewer, the weather on the day, the light, the warmth in the air, the wind on the face and the companion by your side. Julia wants to capture both the memories and what is special about a place.

She particularly enjoysproducing commissions of special places, be it a favourite view or place, a house portrait or a wedding venue.  She runs workshops from a large light room at home situated at the foot of the Downs at the back of Worthing.

Julia Brown

Amanda Beck

An Artist and illustrator using both digital and traditional techniques to create her artwork.   Amanda loves to sketch from life, capturing the moment and energy of people and places.  She feels very lucky to live by the sea and enjoys painting during low-tide as well as documenting the hustle and bustle of people enjoying seaside activities.  Amanda has honed her observational drawing skills through regular and consistent life drawing, portraits and location work.

Amanda's ideas begin life in her sketchbook after heading to the beach to watch the sunrise, observe kite surfers on a windy day or simply sketching passers-by.  Through her illustrations she aspire's to convey the action, emotion, weather and energy of a place or an event.

A major highlight of her career was a residency documenting the fabrication of the Blue Whale Skeleton ‘Hope’ which now hangs in Hintze Hall in the Natural History Museum in London. Amanda was commissioned by Research Casting International Canada Ltd and completed over 50 paintings behind the scenes during a 5-month period. She then went on to sketch dinosaurs being built in RCI’s workshop in Canada!

To find out more about Amanda's work and background please visit her website